In the area of hardware development, we work with several networked CAD workstations for circuit diagram and layout creation (Altium Designer). Thanks to the close networking of our development with production, there are no set-up and adaptation costs for production for projects developed in-house.

Complete new developments or customised modifications to our assemblies are possible. In many cases, even an "apparent" new development can be greatly simplified by using existing modules and thus realised more quickly and cost-effectively.

In most projects, microprocessors, programmable logic (CPLD, FPGA) and high-quality analogue components are used to solve the tasks set. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of hardware development, we are able to create cost- and production-optimised circuit boards and devices.

In the logic area (CPLD, FPGA) we are currently working mainly with the following partners:

In the microprocessor sector, the requirements are so wide-ranging that it is not possible to specify one type, for example. Depending on the requirements, a new selection must be made in order to achieve the best possible price/performance ratio. The following overview lists the manufacturers from whom MKC has already used microprocessors and signal processors: