The explanations about the communication and parameterization of our devices, the JSON-REST API used and the description of the homepage are available directly in our online documentation.

Manuals, data sheets, instructions and the latest software/firmware can be downloaded below.


These manuals describe the software, hardware, configuration and commissioning of the modules.

Data sheets
Quick guides

The "MKC Update Utility" application allows you to update the firmware of all MKC devices or reset them to factory settings.

For Windows, a setup file is provided as a RAR archive with which you can easily install the application.

For Linux, an 'AppImage' file is provided as a RAR archive, which should be executable on the current Ubuntu or Debian Linux distributions.

Please note that the application requires root rights on Linux for an update or reset to work. Please start the application with "sudo ./MKCUpdateUtility.AppImage --no-sandbox"


Node-RED is a flow-based development tool that enables the development of applications in a graphical environment. To simplify access to our devices, we provide you with a Node-RED extension.

You can either install it directly in the Node-RED Editor or download it via GitHub and install it manually.

Certificates, declarations of conformity

Our products are designed in accordance with the applicable EU directives and standards. If you require EC/RoHS/REACH declarations of conformity, please contact us.