Regardless of the requirements that the development places on a printed circuit board, there are a few points to consider in order to be able to carry out high-quality and cost-effective assembly.

In this document, we explain the framework conditions for the printed circuit board and the multiple panel in order to ensure an optimised production process on our pick-and-place machines.

Procurement of circuit boards on behalf of the customer

So that we can order the circuit board for you, we need

  • the Gerber data for the printed circuit board or the multiple use,
  • the Gerber data for the paste film,
  • the drill list and
  • the information on the board structure (layer thickness and spacing, etc.) from you.
Provision of the circuit boards by the customer

If you would like to provide the PCB, we assume delivery in the original packaging supplied by the manufacturer at least 5 AT before the agreed delivery date.

To enable us to assemble the PCB, we require the data for creating the SMD solder paste stencil for each side of the PCB to be assembled. In order to avoid delays in delivery, it is desirable that you provide us with the Gerber data at least 8 AT before the agreed delivery date.


The dimensions of the printed circuit board or multiple PCB are limited to a maximum width of 290 mm and a maximum height of 250 mm.

The outer edges should be parallel to each other and straight to enable simple contour processing.