Thanks to our complete range of services, we are able to process high-quality and complex electronic systems. This includes assembly through to the finished device, final electrical and functional inspection and despatch. This enables us to carry out the complete logistical management of your assembly.

A final electrical inspection is possible if test equipment is provided. Alternatively, we are also happy to develop these in co-operation with you.

We consider comprehensive documentation and logging of the entire production process (e.g. assembly of the individual components, programming, assembly test, system construction and assembly, system test and parameterisation) to be a matter of course. This is the only way to guarantee a high quality standard and corresponding traceability.

Use of press-fit technology

We are able to process assemblies with combined soldering and press-fit technology and have press-fit devices with a variety of press-fit tools.

We consider force-displacement monitoring to verify the pressing process to be a matter of course for a qualified IO/NIO statement.

Depending on the quantity and availability of press-fit tools, we outsource press-fit work to companies with whom we have been working successfully for many years.


To a limited extent, our production department also carries out mechanical processing in series production. Should this not be sufficient, we can rely on selected mechanical partners.

Cable assembly

Of course, we are also able to produce and process cables and connectors ourselves. For assemblies on a larger scale, cable harnesses or special cables, we can rely on our long-standing partners.