eNetVario as a control centre with MQTT broker and Node-RED

The operating system (Linux 10, "Buster") and the pre-installed applications have been updated and supplemented.

M2M communication takes place via sockets or the network interfaces using TCP/IP and MQTT, or alternatively via a JSON REST API.

An MQTT broker and the graphical developer platform Node-RED are pre-installed and ready to use. The open source software Node-RED enables easy graphical programming of your application and is supported by a broad community. A wide range of prefabricated “nodes” are freely available for many applications.

To fulfil extended security requirements, the second network interface makes it possible to isolate devices in separate network segments.

Access from one network segment to the other is not permitted by default, true to the motto: "My data belongs to me".

We take it for granted that the network is protected by a firewall and encrypted  communication using TLS.

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