Our pluggable and solderable embedded module series brings network know-how to your device.

In the simplest case, all you need is a carrier board on which your task and the power supply for the modules are implemented. The use of the interfaces available from the module (Ethernet, USB, SPI, I/O, etc.) reduces the requirements for the layout of the carrier board to a minimum and you can concentrate on your actual core competence.

The modules are designed for different performance requirements and, with different equipment variants, serve as a computer unit for a wide range of control, automation and data communication tasks. This not only saves your development budget but also considerably shortens your time-to-market for the overall solution.


Discover our Linux-based pluggable and solderable modules with powerful ARM microprocessors. We offer a specific Linux Board Support Package (BSP) as standard for all devices in which the modules are used. Efficient and flexible solutions for your requirements.



The plug-in and solderable eNetMini modules are based on ARM microprocessors and, together with their peripherals, provide an excellent basis for general applications in home automation and industrial environments.


To protect your investment, we guarantee long-term availability of the modules for at least 5 years. Thanks to our own development and production facilities in Wuppertal, compatible successors can be realized beyond this period.