eNetEval.1807 - eNetMini Design Kit

The carrier card (MKC1807) is a reference design for the embedded module eNetMini.1806 and can be used for network-compatible I/O. All available signals are available on standard posts or directly via the associated connectors.

Power is supplied via a micro-USB socket or directly via the network with PoE for the future


Many interfaces (42 I/Os) of the eNetMini.1806 module are routed to the device card and can be used to implement various interfaces (UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, USB, RTC, PWM) or digital inputs/outputs.

  • Serial interface (USB, FTDI)
  • Network controller incl. cable interface (eNetMini.1806)

The carrier card has dimensions of 100 mm x 105 mm.