In order to guarantee high-quality series production, the application of the solder paste or adhesive for the components is an important step in the SMD production process chain. For this reason, we use laser-cut stencils and semi-automatic printing systems with a vision system and stencil cleaning in this area.

We use several fully automatic placement machines for placement. We currently process more than 25,000 components per hour, from 0402 chips to fine-pitch QFPs and micro BGAs.

Depending on customer requirements, we can use both conventional convection reflow soldering systems and new vapour phase soldering systems for the soldering process. The temperature profiles used are of course monitored with internal oven sensors and regularly checked and logged with external temperature measuring devices.

Placement is possible from a component size of 0402 (metric 1005, EIA0402) and can be carried out on one or both sides.

The largest component we currently process is a BGA measuring 40 x 40 mm with micro-holes in the pad area. The pad spacing (pitch) should not be less than 0.8 mm.

For micro BGAs, reference marks, as described under printed circuit boards, are desirable to enable visual control of the assembly.