Many PCBs use components that need to be programmed before the soldering process. We use several programming devices from different manufacturers for these components in order to cover the widest possible range of components and housing formats.

Provided that the appropriate components are available, the programming of CPLDs, FPGAs or FLASH components can be carried out during or after the production process (ISP, in-system programming). This eliminates the logistical effort of obtaining pre-programmed components for these parts.

It is also possible to combine programming with a connection test (in-circuit test) of the module. However, this method increasingly has the problem of access difficulties, as the components are becoming more and more complex and the distances between the connections are becoming smaller and smaller or are located under the housing (BGA).

For this reason, we recommend using JTAG/Boundary Scan to check the PCB assembly and/or program the components. Ideally, we read in your circuit diagram and can generate a so-called interconnection test of the - JTAG-capable - components on the board at the touch of a button. Programming is carried out in parallel.

We use the IDE Cascon Galaxy from Göpel electronic GmbH for this purpose.

In combination with our JTAG-capable test adapters and IO modules, this procedure can be extended to include the connectors and pins of a board in the test. Here, too, you benefit from our infrastructure and many years of experience in test and test equipment construction.

Please contact us if we have aroused your interest, we will be happy to help you.