With the ARM Cortex-based modules, we offer you a professional component for integrating general control, automation and data communication tasks into your own application.

The modules have the network connection up to the RJ45 socket 'on-board'. In the POE version, power can be supplied to the carrier board and the module via the network (IEEE802.3af, Power over Ethernet).

This eliminates the need to implement complex high-speed cables on the separate carrier card.


The use of an embedded module (System-on-Module, SoM) significantly shortens the development time of your own application.

You receive a fully tested computer system with all mechanical and electrical specifications, which can be used on a wide variety of carrier boards. This generally eliminates the need to implement complex high-speed lines on your own carrier board.

The eNetMini was developed by MKC and is manufactured at the Wuppertal site. This means that the main part of the PLM/ALM (Product/Application Lifecycle Management) is the responsibility of MKC. For this reason, we are able to

  • adapt the firmware,
  • change the homepage and housing to match your company design (corporate identity) and
  • the conception of a complete embedded system

as a service. You receive an OEM device tailored to your requirements quickly and cost-effectively and can focus on your actual application.