Our services cover all stages of electronics development, from the concept to the production-ready product.

We have been working here for many years for well-known companies in the industrial environment, who like to use us as an "extended workbench" for the development of their electronics.

The areas in which we have outstanding qualifications and many years of experience in electronics development include sensor technology, analogue and digital measurement and control electronics, embedded programming and Internet communication via Ethernet.

If we take on both the development and manufacture of your product for you, we consider the continuous further development of the product and the associated test equipment to be a matter of course in order to guarantee a high standard of quality and an optimum price/performance ratio.

  • Hardware
    • Circuit diagram and layout creation
    • Experience in the creation of analogue and digital assemblies
    • High-speed design
    • Circuit development/simulation
    • Prototype construction
  • Software
    • Firmware, drivers, embedded programming, Linux, network
    • Web development (HTTP, PHP, SQL)
  • Commissioning and functional testing
  • Documentation
  • Series production

Since customer projects are of course treated confidentially, you can only find examples of developments in our product range. All products from our delivery program are developed and produced in-house.