The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 have become hugely important in recent years and are one of the key topics in the industrial environment and home automation.

Our network-compatible devices and modules have been based on this principle for years. Communication takes place via the network (TCP, UDP, MQTT or the HTTP protocol) to realise automated data exchange (M2M) between end devices. Various operating systems, applications or apps are available for this purpose.

Embedded devices


Your versatile solution for control systems. Perfect for outdoor use, the eNetCube enables the connection of various sensors and actuators for industrial and private applications.



The ideal solution for various process I/O requirements. The device is perfectly suited for indoor use thanks to its mounting option on a top-hat rail.



A powerful Linux system with pre-installed applications (Mosquitto MQTT-Broker and Node-RED) make this device the ideal control unit for your application.


Embedded modules


Discover our Linux-based pluggable and solderable modules with powerful ARM microprocessors. We offer a specific Linux Board Support Package (BSP) as standard for all devices in which the modules are used. Efficient and flexible solutions for your requirements.



The plug-in and solderable eNetMini modules are based on ARM microprocessors and, together with their peripherals, provide an excellent basis for general applications in home automation and industrial environments.



MKM - M8

Sensor for level measurement of liquids in contact with the medium, e.g. as a replacement for mechanical sensors.

The sensor has a specially shaped tip for optimised dripping of liquids.